Thursday, December 14, 2006


Cindi and I were looking to make some extra money. We had a daughter that was going to be getting married in a year or so and since we had spoiled her rotten her entire life, why would we change it now? Her wedding was going to cost us a fortune!

So, we started to plan early on. We knew she would want the best of everything. My wife and I bought two sites from after speaking with Jay Servidio. Jay Servidio was very good about answering all our questions and providing us with the help we would need to get started.

The advice that the Teleteria staff and Jay Servidio gave us was more than useful, it saved us a lot of time and effort. Owning those two sites and working them for 13 months gave us the extra money we needed to pay for the wedding and their honeymoon!

Our gift to my son-in-law and my daughter was an easy one to get - we bought them two sites from Teleteria too. At least they'll have enough going for them that they can buy their own house and move out of ours in a few more months!

Thanks Jay Servidio!


Living in Michgian has been hard these last few years. The car industry is going down the tubes and so are a lot of jobs. I was a casulty of the hard times. Desperate for a job, I got on line and started looking for something. I had a house payment, child support, alimony, and debts out the whazoo! I found at the top of the search engines. I checked it out but then went to a few other sites as well.

I thank my lucky stars daily that I didn't get roped into some of the other so called companies that wanted me to buy a free site - what the hell??????? I needed to make money not freaking give it away! So I called up Jay Servidio. I was surprised and pleased that he spent so much time with me on the phone and via email.

Teleteria set me up with both a casino and an adult site. Who could ask for more? The casino site brings me in more money in a weekend than I made in a month working at the factory and the adult site has made me more money in a year than I could make in three at the factory!!!!

Why didn't I check this out earlier? I was too busy working 12 hour shifts and coming home exhausted. Not anymore though! I am home, relaxing while I work on my sites. I tell everyone, run - don't walk to NOW!

Bruce C., Michigan

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